Saturday, 9 June 2012

 im READY to GO , im ready to CLIMB make me REMIND somethING ..  where i should tell about my PROBLEM??or should i JUST LET IT GO .. well .. my HEART is BROKEN .. no 1 know about my FEELING .. only GOD  know what im feel now .. im just cry n CRY .. ALONE ... at my ROOM .. dancing ALONE at my EMPTY room .. feel like LULABYS... "THERES a GURLs GIVE A S**T,behind this walls..because of  SHE"and also about her self ..
i cant stand alone with all this PROBLEM.. i must SOLVE it too ... no matter WHAT THE F***K happen to ME ... i need  " SOMEBODY TO LOVE ME" and understand me ... please !! SOMEDAY i be living in the BIG old DREAM .... AND FIND A TRUE love .. THE eND

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  1. very cute blog! so happy and colourful! x