Sunday, 3 June 2012

Unforgetable holiday MoMeNts At KUnDASnG sABAh !!


me , sister and grandma ..

yummy,fresh fruit ... babayss..
i buy this one .. OF course my FAV colOURS..


they alz wanna go too.. MOUNT KINABALU
(The Mosque at RANAU)
me and my true LOVE "mummy"

my fiance with sarah ..
me and uncle.. sweet<3

my last sisters..she cried coz she wanna stay with mom .. (poor)

me with  my beloved daddy..lov you dad..

my 3sister .. and dady..<3
we together ... <3

have eat some food .. 

L.O.L (lot of love  )

my fiance wth my dad n little sis..

he with her frenz mr hairumi..working at JAKIM SABAH.

(one Family )
Peace !!(nothing to do )

mrs Rohana , wife for mr Hairumi,they  both bring us go to (RANAU)

(at TUGU)

#having some rest at POring .."Hot Poring" allz iss tired ..
my second sister smily... im at malaysian or England ??

my brave he can go to "canopy"..alone haha.. LOL..

ME AND MY uNcle..

are we are got a same face ???give me a comment about our faces ,..

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